Image description: a black and white photo of students in graduation gowns. The photo is taken from behind.

Graduation: A Time of Silence

If we were to celebrate anything this graduation — let us celebrate the dissidents amongst us. Let us celebrate our resistance, our capacity to care for each other and for the issues we are passionate about so much we butt heads with the institution, our bonds of solidarity that we have formed with our fellow students, with professors and with staff, that have helped us survive these four years. Let us celebrate our sleepless nights holding a friend and comforting them when life gets too much, and saying, to hell with papers and academia, my humanity and my love matters more. Let us celebrate the times we have sacrificed our classes for our education, rejected our busywork and our grades in favor of really learning. Let us celebrate the times we stood up, with signs and microphones and our disruptively loud voices; the times we walked out of classes; the times we called out administrators and deans and lawyers and professors because our solidarity with each other incapacitated our fear; every protest, every challenge, every push towards making this place better for our friends and our peers.

From Meghna Sridhar ’14, Amherst College

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