Link Roundup: 12/2/14

Why Courts Can’t Solve the Problem of Cops Who Kill | ColorLines
A short article about why we can’t “indict our way to justice”

#BlackLivesMatter: A Longform Reading List | Autostraddle
A reading list slash syllabus that you should read about Black oppression

Ferguson Movement Moment Rapid Giving Information
Compiled list of different Ferguson organizations to donate to

Black Feminists Respond to Ferguson | ColorLines
An oldie from August, but still a good piece to keep intersectionality in mind

A Herstory of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement | Feminst Wire
A piece by a co-founder of the #BlackLivesMatter campaign and the queer Black women’s erasure from its later work

Obama’s Huge New Immigration Plan, explained
An overview of Obama’s new executive action and its severe limitations

Solidarity with All Lives Lost to Police and Hate Violence | CAAAV
One of the best Asian American statements of solidarity with police brutality that I’ve seen

Who has the Privilege to Protest? | Fusion
A piece pointing out white privilege of protestors, specifically at Oakland protests

In defense of blocking the highway | RI Future
An editorial about why blocking the highways is a legitimate form of protest for the Ferguson cause

Grace Lee Boggs, Close to Death, Asks Supporters for Help | ColorLines
Long-time Detriot activist Grace Lee Boggs asks for financial support for her medical bills


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