I am currently part of the #StandWithNanHui campaign, to stop the deportation and criminalization of Nan-Hui Jo — Korean single mother accused of “child abduction” when she fled her abuser. Nan-Hui has been in jail for over seven months without due process. Upon her arrest, her daughter, Vitz Da, age six, was given custody to her abuser, Jesse Charlton.

We are nearing the end of her re-trial, and the verdict is due out soon. It’s not looking the best. Regardless of the verdict, however, she may be put in deportation proceedings, as she is currently under ICE hold. ICE can come to court and take her to start deportation proceedings can start as soon as the verdict is issued tomorrow. We need your support NOW!


1. Sign the petition: tinyurl.com/standwithnanhui

2. CALL ICE Field Director Craig Meyer at (415) 844-5512. Press 4.
There will be a silence, then a beep // Script: http://on.fb.me/1alIakt

3. COPY + PASTE to tweet @wwwicegov and stop Nan-Hui Jo’s deportation:

#SarahSaldaña exercise discretion: drop ‪#‎deportation‬ charges against DV victim Ms. Nan-Hui Jo (A 098 906 641) ‪#‎StandWithNanHui‬ @wwwicegov

Drop deportation charges on domestic violence survivor Nan-Hui Jo (A098 906 641). Let her stay with her child #StandWithNanHui @wwwicegov

#SarahSaldaña Nan-Hui Jo (A098 906 641) is under parental interests directive, not deportation: drop charge! #StandWithNanHui @wwwicegov

For more information: http://www.kaceda.org/standwithnanhui-campaign/standwithnanhui/

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