White Folks, Go Home

This is a screenshot of a Facebook Post by Mahfam Malek. White folks, go home. Go back to your hometowns. Quit gentrifying big cities, chasing money & "meaningful work" & "culture" that inevitably dissipates when you get there. Take your college education & the way your friends of color have sharpened your analysis via social media (& sometimes via those excruciating in-person conversations) & go home. At least go for a visit. Talk to your little cousin. Visit your family's church. Go to a holiday dinner. & when your racist uncle says something, respond. Even if you're unsure you're doing it exactly right. Try. Say something. Let your family & your community hear it. You care so much about people of color, & specifically, black folks? Show it by not pushing them out of neighborhoods they have worked hard to sustain themselves in, against all the odds stacked against them in this country. Show it by instead going home & doing the work to deconstruct & dismantle racism in your own family of origin, in the community that produced you. That kid who wrote on the internet that he's going to shoot black students at ‪#‎mizzou‬ ? He has a family. He has people in his community. He has at least one cousin or friend who knows better. But somewhere along the way, his socialization normalized this. What if he had been interrupted? What if you had interrupted him?"White people, can you be interrupters? Not just when it's fairly comfortable, like when your otherwise well-meaning friend says something not quite right. But when it's totally uncomfortable? When it's about confronting the racism that raised you & allowed you to be where you are today? When it's about confronting your own relative privilege in having the mobility to leave your (backward/racist/gross/small/boring) hometown? When it's about telling people you love, in a context where you've learned to "agree to disagree" & not ruffle feathers, "No. I will not stand for this." Non-black/indigenous POC, this pertains to us as well. Our narratives are more complicated, but it is also up to us to investigate our relative privilege & where we can interrupt the anti-blackness that was & is part of our socialization. Change happens in a lot of places - organize, yes, inside & outside of the NPIC, yes. Make art & music, yes, work on yourself & your spiritual growth, yes. Work to shift institutions, yes. And. On an interpersonal, family & community level, yes. Make change here. Guide it along. You are powerful. Be an interrupter. Black lives depend on it. 3.5K Likes. 15 Comments. 2K Shares." This is a screenshot of a Facebook Post by Mahfam Malek

(Source: https://www.facebook.com/mahfam.malek/posts/10152978299672134?fref=nf&pnref=story)


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