Imperialism Checklist

I’m going to be meeting with Paul tomorrow to work on our Imperialism workshop for 2012 TWTP. I’d like to share a bit of our workshop with you.
Please raise your hand/take a step into the circle/bold/color red if the statement applies to you.
  1. There have been times when I have felt embarrassed by aspects of my culture.
  2. My name has been changed or Anglicized so that English speakers can use it.
  3. I can trace my ancestry back to country that has received economic assistance by another country.
  4. My country has colonized another country/ peoples.
  5. I can trace my ancestry back to a nation that has been/is being physically occupied by another country.
  6. My family came to this country for economic opportunities not available in their home country.
  7. My family/ is from a country that is or has been colonized by another country of color.
  8. My family and/or community finds it favorable to marry someone of lighter skin
  9. My family and/or community would not like me to marry someone from another country.
  10. My family came to this country to leave war in their home country.
  11. I have family living in another country.
  12. My family sends money to relatives in another country.
  13. I am a first generation college student.
  14. I believe that Western medicine is more effective than other forms of medicine such as meditation, shamanism, or voodoo.
  15. I have travelled outside the United States.
  16. When I travel to other countries, I mostly stay in tourist centered areas.
  17. When I travel other countries, I typically do not speak the local language
  18. When I have travelled to other countries, I have been frustrated or upset with people that did not speak English.
  19. When abroad, I have taken pictures of the people I see without permission.
  20. I have wanted to change the shape of my nose, the structure of my eyelids, the texture of my hair, or any other body part to look “more white” so that I could be considered beautiful.
  21. People abroad should learn English to better their chances at success in business.
  22. If U.S. intervention in another country will bring it democracy, it is justified.
  23. If U.S. intervention in another country will maintain the U.S.’ status as a world power, it is justified.

How many of these statements apply to you? What are the implications of each of these statements? Which provoked the most thought? Which statement was outside your initial scope of “imperialism”?

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