Osaka & Kyoto, Japan

Some photos from my solo trip to Osaka & Kyoto. I wandered the alleyways, observing the ways that nature intermingled with human & city here. Seoul is probably more like Tokyo in that way; skyscrapers blocking out the skies and constant rumbling of nighttime construction, tearing down history to build cookie-cutter studio apartments. I miss seeing bits of green throughout my day — and the reminder that something lies behind and beneath this concrete city.

Island of Green, a patch of oxygen in a concrete city


A quiet walk along the fall-stained trees, a mixture of flowery textiles and a deep red-orange


In Kyoto. A small store donning a green, grassy roof
A small lush garden surrounding an empty shrine. No one was here and I don’t know the name of the garden, but I still remember the feeling of the wind against my cheek.
Never let go: The ivy that had intermingled itself with the metal frame of the hostel’s bicycle
Sharp pointy edges of the man-made stepping stones / and the soft edges of the sun’s shadows
smoothed out / straight edges / carefully edged characters & the wild yellow blossoms
The end: When we are all gone, Nature will take back its earth

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