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1. I knew I was just overthinking everything about them. I knew that, but also there was a part of me—as there always is—that wanted to just keep this as an obsession, instead of allowing it to blossom into something more. I think that’s the problem with most of my “potential” relationships. I obsess it into oblivion and smother it before it has enough space to ignite. That way, I can keep it as a pile of ash in the back of my mind, turning it over and over again to imagine all the things that it could’ve been. In some ways, my mind enjoys the possibilities of my non-existent relationships more than the ones that I’ve actually had.

2. Your relationship resolutions: Don’t put up with scarcity. Call in total abundance in your erotic and romantic life. Embrace adventures. Be open to relationships you might not have considered. Trust that you’ve learned what you need to know…

3. 헤일러 talked about the role of romantic and sexual attraction in how non-binary people develop relationships with other queer communities. Even within the non-binary community, people associated themselves with other binary LGBTQ groups based on who they are attracted to. For example, people who were attracted/attractive to cisgender gay men usually hung out with them and often got caught in situations where they would be lumped together as a cisgender gay man. The question that remained for 헤일러 was where do aromantic, asexual people like themselves go? I think it’s an interesting observation…

4. Another part of me tells me that she and I are different people, seeking different things from relationships. In some ways, she has these colorful, intense, and beautiful relationships while I strive for something more smooth, natural, and easy. I would often tell myself that I needed to open up myself more, to become more like her, to become more vulnerable. But now, I think that I am already a vulnerable person. I reveal and share, as well as listen in a way that opens up space for the other person. I want to stop always comparing myself to her and instead, allow myself to be the way that I am. To honor my own forms of vulnerability, intensity, and desire…

5. I wonder if it’s “wrong” to be interested in people that have red flags. I wonder if I have red flags. I wonder if our red flags could ever just cancel each out. I wonder if happy people do not have red flags, or we all just meet people who make us slowly lower our flags and surrender to the relationship

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  1. great q:s! have you framed this within the container of indigenous ceremony? the feeling of this narration evokes this sense of quivering for intimacy and also not seeking to explode out of a chrysalis. a way of returning to respecting fire and water and earth and how humans are just part of a sacred balancing and enactment of intense grief and joy that is living-dying-living. see “Sobonfu Somé: The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient African Teachings in the Ways of Relationships”

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