supporting palestine

“It’s a position of fortune and privilege to remain uneducated about Palestine and Israel, to claim the issue is too complicated or that we don’t know enough to make a call. It’s a coward’s position. While we hide from the truth, bombs are landing on houses and killing 16 people in a single family. You have the capacity to know, and you have the capacity to teach others. Do so.”

Many of my friends have been having a hard time following the issues. It’s truly a privilege when we say that it’s merely too “complicated” or too “charged” an issue. Many do not have that luxury to simply detach themselves from an issue. They cannot escape it. The conflict bombards them on all physical, psychological, and mental fronts. We have the privilege of going online when we have time to go find out more about the issue; for others, the issue quite literally goes to find them.

#FreePalestine #EndGazaBombing

Mejdulene B. Shomali

as the newest barrage of israeli bombs are dropped on gaza, many friends have texted or emailed me to see how i’m doing, to check on the status of my family, and generally lend their support for palestine and her people. those messages have warmed me and reminded me that people are watching and listening and holding gaza in their hearts. but at the same time, i’ve felt deep guilt, resentment, and futility watching this, the third attack on our land in 7 years. the fatalities are high, the carnage seemingly never ending. what should you do? what should i do, to stop this? to support Palestine? to make the lives of gaza matter? i compiled a short list of things we might do. the struggle for Palestinian liberation is a long one, and its strategies are not short term–a commitment to Palestine is broader than the current tragic moment…

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